Erica Reed Music beautifully sings gospel music.


Her newest hit is title, “Standing At The Gates” and is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music, and Deezer.  

Erica Reed Music features a local artist from Glen Carbon, Illinois.  

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Hiring Someone To Sing Gospel Music For An Event

If you are going to be hosting a large event in the Glen Carbon, IL area, it is likely you will want your guests to remain attentive during this session. One way to keep guests placate is to hire entertainment for the session. If the event is religious in nature, hiring someone to sing Gospel Music can be extremely beneficial and uplifting for all who view and listen to the performance.


It is best to do some research before the hiring process. Hiring someone with a known following will ensure you do not end up with a singer who is not professional. Make sure there are sample Gospel Music recordings available to listen to before the event starts as well. If there are particular tracks that suit your event, alert the singer so that they can incorporate them into their act. This will also help them prepare additional tracks with similar sounds or word meanings for the session.